Enes Özenbaş is a designer and director based in İstanbul. He started his career as a digital sculptor and his visual curiosity pushed him into many branches of digital art. His works mostly focused on visual storytelling, concept design, and experimental filmmaking. Recent days, he is interested in creating micro stories molded around emotions. Curious about Cinematography, Virtual Reality and themes such as nature, space, time and psychology.

Festivals / Screening / Publications: ​

- March 2019 Personality / Official Selection SXSW, Excellence in Title Design

- November 2018 Superposition / Short Film, Art Futura, Worldwide Exhibition

- June 2018 Superposition / Short Film, Official Selection Très Court International Film Festival, France / Worldwide 

- March 2018 Synthesis / Audio Visual Performance, Zorlu PSM, SONAR Festival, İstanbul, Turkey

- February 2016 What Is Real / Audio Visual Installation WEAREABLE Fashion Tech Festival, La Gaite Lyrique, Paris, France

- May 2016 Spine / Interactive Installation Project 02, İstanbul Bilgi University, İstanbul, Turkey

© 2018 by Enes Özenbaş

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