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Type :

Main On End Title Design

Date :


We were asked to create a 30 seconds main title from space to the earth then specifically Paris, a shot next to the Eiffel Tower that connects to the first shot of the film. We came up with an abstract city made out of lights and used Pablo Ferro's original type design for credits and the title.

Takayuki Sato, Alex Silver, Lucy Kim

Storyboard :

Compositing :

Animator :

Carlo Sa, Gryun Kim, Min Shi, Mert Kizilay, Erika Bird, Ben Woodlock,Ethem Cem, Enes Özenbaş

Music / Sound Design :

Artist / Designer  : 

Art Director  : 

Megan Rodriguez

Kate Berry

Production Coordinator :

Head of Production :

Director of Photography :

Luke Colson

Creative Director :

Director : 

Jeff Han, Nadia Tzuo

Executive producer :

Client / Commissioned By :

Design Studio :

Producer :

Paul Makowski

Credits :