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Festivals / Screening / Publications: ​

- October 2021 Lark / Feishu Brand Film, Gold Prize in Multimedia / Animation, The International Design Awards

- October 2019 Journey / Grand Prix, Jury Special Prize and Best Sound Design Prize, Atelier des Lumieres, Paris.

- March 2019 Personality / Official Selection SXSW, Excellence in Title Design

- November 2018 Superposition / Short Film, Art Futura, Worldwide Exhibition

- June 2018 Superposition / Short Film, Official Selection Très Court International Film Festival, France / Worldwide 

- March 2018 Synthesis / Audio Visual Performance, Zorlu PSM, SONAR Festival, İstanbul, Turkey

- February 2016 What Is Real / Audio Visual Installation WEAREABLE Fashion Tech Festival, La Gaite Lyrique, Paris, France

- May 2016 Spine / Interactive Installation Project 02, İstanbul Bilgi University, İstanbul, Turkey

Enes Özenbaş is an Artist, Motion Designer, and Director based in Istanbul. His works focused on Experimental filmmaking, Title sequences, and A/V experiences. He is interested in creative experiments and their visual representations. He made several nominated Short films and exhibited art projects.

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