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Role :

Director / Designer

Type :

Emmersive VR Experience

Date :


On the album "Hermes" Burak creates the connection between history and modernity. With "Lyre" he goes one step further and combines the sound of his recording with an exceptional visual language, in 360 °,
On "HERMES", Burak has created a specific sonic architecture, in which he choreographed sound, using micro tonality and ancient Greek modalities as the foundation for this work. The nucleus of Burak’s exhibition-like art-piece is supported by the Baroque ensemble "Musica Sequenza", performing structured impro-visations on historical instruments.

Storyboard :

Compositing :

Animator :

Enes Özenbaş

Music / Sound Design :

Artist / Designer  : 

Art Director  : 

Production Coordinator :

Head of Production :

Director of Photography :

Enes Özenbaş

Creative Director :

Director : 

Executive producer :

Client / Commissioned By : 

Burak (Musica Sequenza)

Design Studio : 

Producer :

Credits :