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Role :

Director / Designer

Type :

A/V, Emmersive Experience

Date :


"Inauguration" an event film for Microsoft's new technologies and data server systems in Doha. The concept for this project was focused on new technologies and innovation, as Microsoft wanted to communicate their new start in Doha with shareholders and investors.

To bring the concept to life, we designed a modern and clean-cut aesthetic that reflected Microsoft's forward-thinking values. After completing the scenario, we developed ideas and approaches to visualize the progress, with numerous topics to emphasize. With a wide screen to work with, we carefully considered the impact on the design and animation.

Throughout the project, that the film effectively communicated their vision and message. We worked diligently to incorporate feedback and make revisions to the design and animation, resulting in a final product that exceeded expectations and captured the attention of the audience.

Storyboard :

Compositing :

Animator :

Cihangir Aslan

Enes Özenbaş, Can Kungör

Enes Özenbaş

Music / Sound Design :

Artist / Designer  : 

Art Director  : 

Production Coordinator :

Head of Production :

Director of Photography :

Burcu Ece Okuyucu, Gökhan Okuyucu

Creative Director :

Director : 

Enes Özenbaş

Executive producer :

Client / Commissioned By : 


Design Studio : 


Producer :

Burcu Ece Okuyucu, Gökhan Okuyucu

Credits :