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Role :

Director / Designer

Type :

Method Film

Date :


A video about a novel method to mimic the human brain development and Alzheimer's disease in mini 3D human brains in the laboratory. Using this technology, researchers found a way to circumvent the disease symptoms by activating the neural stem cells and neural regeneration.

Storyboard :

Compositing :

Animator :

Ulaş Bayram, Cüneyt Çağlayan

Enes Özenbaş, Ethem Cem

Music / Sound Design :

Artist / Designer  : 

Art Director  : 

Production Coordinator :

Head of Production :

Director of Photography :

Enes Özenbaş, Ethem Cem

Creative Director :

Director : 

Executive producer :

Client / Commissioned By : 

Kızıl Lab

Design Studio : 

Producer :

Credits :