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Enes Özenbaş

Enes Özenbaş

Music / Sound Design:

Artist / Designer:

Art Director:

Project Coordinator:

Head of Production:

Director Of Photography:

Creative Director:


Enes Özenbaş

Executive Producer:

Client / Commisioned By:

Design Studio:


I want to learn sound design and music production for a while and creating this project helped me a lot in the learning process. My main goal was not to sync the audio with the lips, actually the exact opposite. I tried to get the weird result as possible with these samples. I'm still at the beginning of creating musical pieces but searching for a way to intersect with audio and visual mediums is really satisfying and enjoyable. I'm using musical compositions as data for generating a spectrum of shapes. I'll be sharing music tracks that I like to listen to and compositions of sounds that I designed myself. This videeos are just the beginning of the project, It'll branch out through different approaches and technics. It will be available on a couple of digital spaces to visit and explore. Stay tuned for advances and enjoy the music!

Date :

In Progess

Type :

A/V, Emmersive Experience

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