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Credits : 




Enes Özenbaş, Ethem Cem

Music / Sound Design:

Artist / Designer:

Art Director:

Project Coordinator:

Head of Production:

Director Of Photography:

Enes Özenbaş, Ethem Cem

Creative Director:


Executive Producer:

Client / Commisioned By:

Design Studio:


We understand the knowledge of humans and their interaction in an environment is limited to laws of physics that were discovered by our kind. If our understanding between the quantum realm, atom, and space, reaches the knowledge of manipulating the direction of magnetization, controlling the environment on an atomic stage for a certain purpose. Machines, Structures, Buildings, etc. that have a function in our lives or areas that give inconvenience results can be disqualified or highly developed. When we look at the existing fields like Neurobiology, Computational Chemistry, Biomimicry, etc. and the areas that will exist in the future will gain tremendous progress. This adaptation and decay may allow ecosystems to use material as a new matter. An undiscovered law can allow us to create material that thinks by itself. It can give us matter that has specific properties in a function, part of its own nature, with the interface itself.

Date :

In Progress

Type :

Short Film

Role :

Director / Designer


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